Author Ann Rule

Green River Killer

In the February 2011 NBC News video below, the Green River Killer pleads guilty once again, bringing the murder count to 49.  God bless the victims and their families.

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The Green River Serial Murders is the longest serial killer investigation in our country's history.  Gary Leon Ridgway pled guilty to the murder of 49 women.  His confession made him America's most prolific convicted serial killer.  Following the hearing we have witnessed the emotional upheaval the loved ones of his victims are experiencing.

Although many questions have been answered, there is no closure for the loved ones of murder victims.  Closure conveys the same implication as "getting over it."  It is often used to suggest the loved ones of murder victims should, and will, achieve a final resolution and state the completeness to the trauma, grief, and pain that have resulted from the murder. 

A level of resolution due to Ridgway's guilty plea may be accomplished for the families and friends of the victims murdered by Gary Ridgway, but to suggest that total closure is possible, however, is to offer an illusionary hope.  Instead of pressure for closure or "to get over it," these loved ones need assistance and encouragement in reconstructing a new life, a realistic and achievable objective.

Resources for Victims page includes some links to helpful websites, run by compassionate people.
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