Author Ann Rule

If You Really Loved Me

Cinnamon Brown suffered a heartbreaking tragedy when her husband committed suicide in Las Vegas.

She hasn't had many breaks in her life, and I pray that she has happier days ahead. She and her late husband had a
son who is about or eleven or twelve now. If  Cinnamon should happen to read this, I hope that she will get in touch with me.

Cinnamon and Patti Bailey Brown have been out of prison for more than a decade. Cinnamon lived with an Orange County family for about six months until she became acclimated to the world outside prison. The last I heard she was working in a responsible job.

After she was paroled, Patti married a prison guard and gave birth to twin boys. She regained custody of her daughter, Heather, who was fathered by David.

David Arnold Brown died of "natural causes" in the California State Prison in Corcoran in March 2014.

Richart "Liberty" Steinhart died of AIDS many years ago, still a committed

The made-for-TV movie about David Brown's case, was not based upon my book but on Patti Bailey's story.
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