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Up until now, I've maintained an active guestbook on my webpage where ARFS* post regularly.  My guestbook became something of a social network where my readers communicated with each other and forged friendships. 

Maintaining the guestbook, however, takes time away from my writing so I've decided to join Facebook and invite everyone to "friend" me there.  This way your posts will pop up immediately and you can easily communicate with each other and me and also share photos etc.  Here is the link:   

For those of you who are part of the longtime ARFS, please click here to contact my daughter, Leslie Rule, via Facebook and she will invite you to the special ARFS Facebook page just for you.  She is working as fast as she can to get this set up but it could take a couple of days.  I will be interacting with you on the ARFS page as much as possible!

If you are not on Facebook and would like to contact me, you can email me on AOL.  My screen name is Annier37.  Or you can write to me the old fashioned way at:
Ann Rule
PO Box 98846
Seattle, WA   98198

*A group of my loyal readers call themselves "ARFS" for Ann Rule Fans.
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