Author Ann Rule

Pat Allanson

Everything She Ever Wanted

There is never a shortage of news about Patricia Vann Radcliffe Taylor Allanson Taylor Pat is in her 70s now, and scarcely the slender and lovely Southern Belle she once was. Several years ago, she was paroled from her second prison sentence--for pretending to be a "Registered Nurse," and poisoning and stealing from the elderly Crist couple. Pat returned to McDonough, Georgia, to move in with her stepfather, Clifford,” The Colonel" Radcliffe and his new bride, Aggie whom he had married a few months after "Boppo" died. (Aggie was Pat's mother Boppo's younger sister.) Pat has a small doll shop nearby: "Pat's Pretty Playthings." Aggie passed away a few years ago.   Pat's son, Ronnie, also died in 2004.

Pat bears much ill will toward her granddaughter, Ashlynne, now grown, and, of course  toward her daughter, Susan, who was instrumental in Pat's most recent arrest. Susan lives on the West Coast, but occasionally gets ominous messages from Pat. Susan and Bill divorced many years ago, and Susan was happily remarried and is slowly putting her family back together.

Tom Allanson and Liz are still happily married and have had some good
years since his release from prison. He has been very active in the Full Gospel Church and confers with Georgia officials to support a program that benefits parolees who want to change their lives.

Sadly, Tom was badly injured in an accident last year when another driver hit his truck. His broken neck wasn't diagnosed in the ER, and he subsequently suffered several strokes. He is doing better, but is not all the way back to health. Tom was reunited with his two children, and has also met some good friends from his youth through my book.   Tom has proven that people can leave prison and have a very positive effect on society. Still, the upheaval Pat caused in his life has left many scars on his family. There may well come a time when I will be adding additional chapters to Everything She Ever Wanted . . .

Everything She Ever Wanted was recently made into a Lifetime movie and usually airs a couple of times a year on the The Lifetime Movie Network.  Click here to see movie trailer!
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