Author Ann Rule

The I-5 Killer

the news story above reports that The I-5 Killer is linked to three cold case murders.
Randall Woodfield, the former Greenbay Packers' hopeful, is also in the Oregon State Prison. He is nearing 60, and his black hair is gray now. He married twice while he was in prison, the last marriage a few years ago. He has little chance of a parole, although he still claims to be innocent of the rapes and murders of numerous victims in the seventies and early eighties. Detectives feel he is actually guilty of many more homicides than he was charged with, but, of course, there is no statute of limitation on murder. On February 8, 2006, Portland detectives announced that modern-day DNA testing had linked Randy's body fluids with the 1980 murder of Cherie Ayers, who had graduated from high school with him, and with whom he planned their "10 Year Class Reunion."

Anyone who has read The I-5 Killer knows that the murders of Darci Fix, Doug Altic, Julie Reitz (In the Portland area), and Donna Eckard and Janell Jarvis (In Shasta County, California) have either gone unsolved or unpunished. (Since this writing, more murders were linked to Woodfield.  See video above.)

I have little doubt that modern forensic science will finally close out those cases, and that I will be adding new chapters to the I-5 Killer. No one should get a half dozen murders for the price of one. I still get letters and emails from women, now in their fifties, who remember their terrifying meetings with a man they believe to have been Randy Woodfield. . .
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