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Thomas Capano

Watch news video below on Thomas Capano's death in prison at age 61.
If Anne Marie Fahey were alive today, she would be in her forties, and undoubtedly married and a mother, living in Wilmington, Delaware, in the midst of her loving siblings' lives. But Tom Capano murdered Anne Marie in June of 1997. Her body, which he abandoned to the sharks in the Atlantic Ocean, has never been found.

Capano was in prison on Death Row in Delaware for years and he frantically made appeals to save his own life. Nothing and no one was too important for Capano to sacrifice to stay alive. Insiders say he had been found with contraband in his cell, for making forbidden phone calls and there were well-grounded suspicions that he received special "favors" from members of the prison staff.

Women wrote to him, bewitched by his eloquent letters, fancying themselves in love with him. Even so, his living conditions were far from lavish. And the execution chamber continually drew closer to him.  But he was not executed.  he
was found dead in his cell at age 61 in September of 2011.   He died of a heart attack.

None of the women who knew him before he shot Anne Marie wanted anything to do with him, all of them betrayed by his secrets and lies. The Faheys lost another sibling; Mark, in July of 2004. The others drew in closely. Each fall, the golf tournament held in Anne Marie's honor donates the proceeds to worthy causes. One year, they gave all profits to Katrina's victims, something Anne Marie would approve of.

"O'Freel's" closed its doors, and Kevin Freel moved to Chicago, one of the very few Wilmington natives to leave. Debbie MacIntyre finished college with the highest marks, and has an excellent job. She and her children have a tight family unit. She sometimes thinks of leaving Wilmington forever, but all of her history--both good and bad--is there. She holds her head up, believing a good life is the best revenge, and she never says Capano's name out loud.

Mike Scanlan moved away, but he still comes back to visit Anne Marie's brothers and sister.

And Never Let Her Go was made into a CBS miniseries in 2001.  Lifetime now airs it somewhat regularly.  Click on the cover below to read about the movie or purchase the DVD on Amazon. 
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